Saturday, December 8, 2018

Pinata Party

A story we read in the Unit 2 was Hooray a Pinata.  Clara and her friend Samson look forward to breaking the pinata at Clara's birthday party.

This inspired each classroom to create a  Storm Cloud Pinata like the one in the book.

Zander and Dash are putting the finishing touches on the Thunder Cloud Pinata

The  Storm Cloud Pinata from Miss Christine's Room

 Storm Cloud Pinata by Miss Jen's class

After making the pinatas and then decorating them, they were ready to be broken. The children took turns smashing, mashing and cracking the pinatas. Once they were cracked open, each student got a bag of prizes to take home.

Mila takes a serious whack

Dariane smashes the pinata

Emilia gives it a smack

Jayden gives it a whack and smack

Ahlam smashes the pinata.

Mckenzie goes for a second whack.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

The students were inspired by a  children's book that we read.  This led to some creative play in the dramatic play area. The students used the props to reenact the story.

book image

Jayden, Suweyda and Bailey are looking for the Bear in the cave.

Jasper is photographing the bear.

Bailey found the bear! 

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Riverton Grocery Store

The grocery store was a hit in the Pre K. The children visited Moran's Market to see a real grocery store, than they came back and ran ours in the dramatic play. Every one had fun taking turns being a cashier, a customer and a stocker. Being the stocker was the hardest job, trying to keep food on the shelves at all times.  The students did a great job negotiating who was going to do what job and taking turns.
There is a lot of writing going on in Pre K. Once the students start writing, they get excited and write everywhere! Bailey and Emilia were writing letters on stationary. In one of our books, A Letter to Amy, the character Peter writes an invitation. The students are writing letters to their friends and family. Jayden was labeling the picture that he drew and Mckenzie is writing letters that she learned.

Monday, October 22, 2018


The Pre K students have started specials. The students go to art, music and gym twice a month. This is the first experience at music with Mr. Potvin and Freddy the Frog.

Trying New Foods

We had chili for lunch on Friday. This was a new food for many of the students. With a little encouragement, many of the children tried the chili and really liked it. They are learning about new things all day at Riverton School.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018


There is some great writing happening in Pre K. The students have the opportunity to write in most areas of the classroom. Sometimes it is a shopping list in the house area, sometimes it is just practicing writing your name. The students even like to pretend to be the teacher and write out the song BINGO, then sing it.  There is a lot of learning going on in Pre K while the students are playing and having fun.

Bailey is making a grocery list